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Doron Gilad was born in Jerusalem in 1959. He was educated in the best schools in the country.
From young age he showed interest and curiosity in the "inner-power" that is latent in people and known as 'the human potential’. He loves challenges that reveal the potentiality inside. He traveled the world living in a company of masters in that field and learned their wisdom directly from them. 

In 1993 he started the ‘Essence trainings’ organization in Holland together with Yiftach Sagiv. The ‘Essence trainings’, in short, is combinations of special trainings that create an environment where the participant can observe his behavior and the consequences it has in his life. As a result one gains better control in his life. 

He started his coaching experience during his work in the organization when he coached many tens of individuals in a short terms projects (8-16 weeks) and high challenging goal settings. 

Doron built the organization from nothing. With out conventional advertising methods, he succeeded to interest thousands of people to participate in the trainings and in the marketing process. He has done it through coaching and inspiring others to participate. 

Doron has wide, up to date, knowledge in many areas of science and social sciences which he gathers by deep curiosity and interest. He can exchange views on many subjects. 

“I am not attracted to learn in academic institutions. For me knowledge is valuable if it is backed up by experience, or serving an experience. To get knowledge I have to search for the sources and get it from the source. Then I can contemplate it directly”. 

“In my understanding; being sincere, open minded, honest with one self, using common sense and ones own experience as a reference point, these are fundamental qualities for self development and to improve the quality of our life.” 

Doron is an authentic coach and his work is measured by the results.


     "Doron Gilad is an excellent trainer and coach. He is equipped with the understanding and the tools to help people and organizations to excel above their routine functioning and to create real success. We share the same vision. I am glad that after years of him working in the background, now also wider circle of people and commercial clients can benefit from his talent. I have full trust in him and his work".

                          Pat grove - The founder of the ‘iam’ (Essence-training)
                                                     and the founder of “coaching academy”. 


     "In the preparations of a huge and complex asbestos removal project; the renovation of the historical passenger ship SS Rotterdam, we have inserted the assistance of Doron Gilad. 
For this biggest and unique maritime project, which in matter of volume and complexity has never been performed worldwide, a team existing from five different subsidiary companies needed to be constructed in a very short period. 
Doron Gilad has trained and coached the team to such a high standards that what was the bottleneck of our project became the source of inspiration to our success. 
By his way of training he has ensured that we were able to work together as one under difficult circumstances, that we supported each other professionally as well as privately and he has supported us to make a success of the project. 
We are very grateful to Doron for his commitment and contribution which have made the project a success. His friendship, attention and professionalism have inspired us to generate an exceptional performance. 
Doron is a caring, responsible and very inspired person and he produces the intended result". 
                 Gert-Jan van Tol
– Managing director, Infinity Special Projects


     "I know Doron for many years. From every conversation with him, I pick up something valuable. He inspires me to think authentically and he gives me the ability to face my own habits of behavior. Before I know I am in a journey of exploration into my intimate inner world which is exciting and I get the challenge of learning again. His natural way of giving is always surprising, pure and there for beautiful !"

                Mickey van Gendt - Founder and head-teacher. Foundation TOP

“First-hand knowledge does not become second-hand when used”